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Grand Bahama Island

A mix of history and ecological wonder

Grand_bahama_island Grand Bahama Island is an ecological wonder waiting to be discovered. Endless beaches, emerald green water, charming fishing villages and enchanting marine life are just some of the island’s attractions that make this a unique destination.

There’s something for everyone on Grand Bahama Island. From golf courses to shopping, casinos and nightlife, to hiking in a nature preserve -- you’ll be able to satisfy the most demanding traveler.

Grand Bahama Island History

Grand_bahama_history Although the history of the island reaches far into the distant past, Grand Bahama Island didn’t come into its own until the 1950s with the development of Freeport and Lucaya. Grand Bahama Island has quickly become an island of cosmopolitan glitz and glamour, nestled within miles of beaches and endless seas. Only 55 miles from the east coast of Florida, it has become one of the most visited of all the Bahamian islands. Named by the Spanish -- "gran bajamar" means "great shallows" -- for its many flats and shoals in the waters off the island, Grand Bahama Island is the fourth largest of the islands.

The Lucayan Indians were thought to be some of the early dwellers of Grand Bahama Island -- and a recent dig along the eroding beachfront of Deadman’s Reef helped to answer many questions.

Unearthed from the dig were many artifacts belonging to the Lucayan Indians -- hearths, animal bones, pottery pieces and shell beads. This discovery was dated back to around 1200-1300 AD.

Along with this site, the bones of pre-Columbian Lucayans were found in an underwater cave system, indicating an ancient burial site. Both of these discoveries helped to confirm that the Lucayans were among the first settlers of Grand Bahama Island.

Population: Approximately 41,000